First V-Day Concert

Roy and I never really make Valentine's Day plans so it doesn't come as a surprise that I'd be watching my first-ever Hearts' Day concert with my bestfriend Maanne. haha! I'm really excited because it's always a good time with her and Nyoy is one talented artist. Buti na lang at pre-Valentine ito para should something come up on Valentine's Day itself, nandito lang ako sa tabi-tabi. ;)


My First Leather Purchase

Ooooh, what a mature post title. Haha!

I wasn't really set on buying a wallet because I was ok with just using a pouch. Until I realized that it's taking me a lot of time going through the pouch before I find the card, cash, coin or old receipt that I need. Talk about efficiency concerns. My eyes were really set on purchasing my first leather bag but that would be part of another post. Let's just say that this is the delaying-gratification phase.  :D

Now back to the wallet. I could just purchase something cute or fazyon but then I remembered what happened to the last one I bought. Barely a year into use (and partida not so much abuse), and it looked like this.And so I thought why not go leather with my wallet as well? I never really understood why Roy would spend a thousand pesos for a belt when I bought mine for P50 in Greenhills. Now I truly appreciate its value and if you're not so particular on the brand, the cost is even cheaper than the leatherettes and Class A's.

The Casualty

So here it is! It's a leather wallet from Hickok bought from the not-so-fancy Robinson's Galleria Department Store, Men's accessories section. I'm so happy about it because #1 it's leather, #2 it smells soooo good (amoy bagong sapatos all the time!), #3 it's functional and #4, it was on sale!  

All photos have no filter. Loving the brown color.

How it looks like inside
"Genuine Cowhide"
They have a lot of designs to choose from but since I'm getting pretty old and getting tired of going through so many options, nah, I was just in a hurry and working on a limited budget, I just chose from what's on sale, picked a color then narrowed down further to how well the compartments would serve me. Oh my, ako na ba talaga ito?

We'll see if this would look better as it ages. :D


Something to Do, to Love and to Hope for

Today is December 31, 12:55 pm. I don't know what entered my mind when I thought of making a year-ender blog. I thought, hey it's all Spartan Transformation this year anyway so that should be fairly easy. Then, I scanned through my timeline photos on Facebook and my Instagram and realized that it could be an overwhelming task after all. After the initial discouragement I suddenly remembered my "About Me" on Twitter at nabuhayan ako ng loob. ^^ Now that would make writing this one simpler. I stated there:

The grand essentials of happiness are: something to do, something to love, and something to hope for. Life is beautiful!
2013 was all about being a space for happiness and seeing that life is indeed beautiful.


Now this is where my current roles come in.

"Coach Kristine" - December 2011 marked our Day 1. 2012 was about creating our own results and 2013 was translating it for everybody else. I listed down the names and was happily surprised that my decision 2 years ago was a bridge for 46 others (in my team at least) to access their own success story.

"Mommy" - how do you start a list of mommy tasks anyway?!? So there, I was mom to Isay. I'm grateful that she's healthy, smart and though Roy doesn't like me highlighting her looks, this is my blog so I could say that I'm grateful that she's growing up to be a beautiful woman. ;)

"Ham-is-pork" - oh to be a wife. We turned 4 this year. I wasn't expecting a walk in the park when we got married yet being with Roy seems like it. Everyone has problems, us included. Maybe I've grown to that level where I don't like drama or maybe we were right about what we said the first time na pag magaan na sa simula, we'll have more energy to deal with the major concerns later on.

"Yaying" - Momsy calls me this. I know I could do better as a daughter. I'm simply grateful for her patience and her attitude in life that keeps the family strong. I'll give her more shopping money and airtime this 2014, promise. :)

"Tin/ Teta/ Etang/ Kristine/ Bading/ Bakla/ Weewee" - What someone calls me determines the "era" of my life where we co-existed. Tin is my general nickname. Teta is for my grade school friends, Etang is for my highschool friends, Bading/Bakla is for super close college friends and for one of my older sisters and Weewee is an exclusive nickname I share with one of my brothers. 2013 was about reconnecting with friends and schoolmates thanks to the Spartan program. I'm happy that they allowed me to share a solution to most of them.


2013 was about living my mission and passion. Being out there has become comfortably uncomfortable if you get what I mean. I know that I may be hurt, rejected, disappointed and I also know that I may be appreciated, acknowledged and rewarded. I do it anyway because gasgas as it sounds, I'm loving who I'm becoming as a work in progress.


I've been hoping to get out of debt, have another baby, enroll more Spartans, travel more, shop for those Pinterest finds and eat good food all the time and you know what? I'm claiming that I'm getting there not just for optimism but for the simple reason that I know I'm aligned to these hopes. I've turned some of them into plans and 2014 is a continuation of nailing them one at a time.

And with that, life is just soooo beautiful!

Happy 2014 everyone! :)


On Being Stuck

Though we place a negative meaning to the word "victim" and wouldn't  want to be considered as such, we don't  realize that it's the default way of being and we resort to it for the simple reason  that it works for us. We see victims as helpless creatures who have no say on things. I, in particular like the way that it was defined by the Landmark Education. A victim, they say is someone who blames, justifies and complains. Much like our notion of the helpless ones.

I came upon writing about this whole victim shebang because of a friend who chooses to be stuck. What? CHOOSES to be stuck? But why? Because it works. It allows us to whine on our current situation without accepting extra responsibility for a new course of action or a new way of being. So I'm grateful for this illustration that I saw on Pinterest which provides a quick guide for people who are stuck. And of course, this is my blog so I could also consider this as a #notetoself. We all have our fair share of pa-victim moments, yes?

On Blindspots

Quick post on something that I realized earlier from a business conversation last night:

We all have our blindspots. Some, we choose to acknowledge and some we choose to not act upon. It takes humility and a desire to improve and get out of a vicious cycle of what's not working for us to accept feedback and initiate change.

That was a mouthful! Just needed to document that. Happy Wednesday!