4 years and 5 months. Hay, the inevitable has happened and so far, we're moving on. Hindi na nga lang ganun kabilis ma-wipe out ang labada. haha! Amymy had to return home to be full-time lola to her second apo.We're excited to have her back in the future! <3 


My Husband's Spartan Transformation

It's one thing to experience my own success and another thing to have my loved ones experience it as well.
3 months just seemed to fly by and here I am now sharing the success of my husband! *loud applause*

I'm grateful to him for allowing me to enroll him in the program. Just like me before starting, he didn't see the urgency of enrolling because he could still get away with being overweight. No particular illness yet except for the pain in his feet and general discomfort when walking long distances. Now, he feels so much younger and looking much younger too!

Here are his official 90-day success photos. :)

Without exercise and starving, he achieved the following milestones:
> total weight loss: 24.4 lbs
> body fat loss: 11.7 lbs
> body age: 7 years younger
> killer visceral fat: 4 levels down
> total of 5.5 INCHES trimmed from waist-hip measurements

Amazing right? I'm so grateful to the whole Spartan Transformation family for contributing to Roy's success and for inspiring us everyday with the endless possibilities of adding value to people and transforming lives. :)

If you want to know more about the program, you may reach me here.

Have a happy and healthy month ahead!


Creating History in Singapore!

I love how Steve Maraboli said it so allow me to quote,
Being healthy is a way of life. It's not just about what you feed your body; it's about what you feed your mind and the social environment you keep. Make healthy food choices, exercise your body and brain, and choose your friends wisely.
I'm grateful for the opportunity to create history with my Spartan Transformation team in Singapore as we saw a preview of what's next for all of us, for the program and most importantly for the people whose lives we will be transforming in the coming years. So much work needs to be done and knowing that I have this growing team to work with, the possibilities are endless! 

If you want to know more about this super amazing program, I'm just an email away! :D


Leadership Books

Woohoo! Who's on a roll? 2 posts in one sitting? Wow!

Haha, since I'm already in the writing mode, I'd like to share the books recommended er, required in our Spartan coaches' team. The thing with required readings is that it saves you time of knowing what's a good read and it caters to specific concerns. #geekstuff Ah, I've truly changed (or grown.) From the person who wants to be different to a compliant follower.Yeah it took a looong time and I'm just grateful to be in this space of learning and unlearning.

Starting off with the first of three! Here's the hunky Joel Osteen gracing my blog. I'm now on my nth round of this book, I Declare: 31 Promises to Speak over your Life. It's not something that you finish in one sitting. Perfect for the busiest of the busy. It sets my day to be great. That's it. And I like that it requires participation. It's a declaration so it has to be heard out there. It's not something that you keep inside. I don't know 'bout you but I'm a firm believer of the Law of Attraction. As he said, he hoped to bless our days, one day at a time and I'm privileged to be one of those people who experience this "blessing" just by declaring these promises every morning.

Second and third are John Maxwell's Leadership Gold and Go for Gold. These are 2 books designed to work together. Ahh, marketing genius. That aside, it works! Leadership Gold provides a main topic for the week and Go for Gold provides nuggets of wisdom related to the topic for the week. I could relate more to some of the topics while not so much with the others. And that's the beauty of these books. It gives you a preview of what's in store for you as a growing leader and you know that it's got you covered when that time comes. It's amazing knowing that I could always go back to the other chapters when my responsibilities and concerns have matured as well.

How about you, are you using a small portion of your time for books that make you a better leader?

The Fault in our Stars

What was the last book that you read? Now that we're 40 days away from creating history, I feel guilty for devoting my time to finishing The Fault in our Stars in 2 days. It was a book (an e-book in my case) that I couldn't put down and just had to finish the soonest possible time so I could resume my life. haha. This is the reason why I don't watch TV because the series just gets you hooked. At least books have a deadline, depending on how fast you can read.

I'm not really writing this to summarize or critic or note down what I learned. There's a lot of that in google. :) In the past years, reading novels (or material irrelevant to my business like fashion magazines) have become an indulgence for me. See, my business is like a baby that I need to attend to. In the same way that Isay is always my top priority, anything that is not aligned with being a good parent (at least what I know of it), I don't do.

Roy (ze hubby) is the only person who knows that I read the book. (Well now, the visitors of this blog too.) Then he asked, "so what did you learn?" Nothing. Yeah maybe there was something but I don't want to consume energy processing it. I told him that I just enjoyed reading the book and cried in some parts. I simply became present to what I was reading. Or probably I feel that I'm not bringing justice to the material by just relaying what I remember of it. That's how I am, even for movies that I've watched. Lazy as it may seem but I just want the person to experience it and I'm sure he/she would see something different, far from what I experienced. So why provide a synopsis?

Reading is an escape, that I know. If there's one thing I learned from reading The Fault in our Stars, it's the reminder that books are to be experienced. Yes it may be shared but to get it is to experience it.

And probably for future reference?
The last book that I read before TFIOS was Crazy Rich Asians :)